Friday, June 26, 2009

Sewing Tip: Resuscitate a favorite pattern!

Yikes! Talk about a well-loved purse. This is my prototype for my design for the "Belt It Out" pattern. I loved this purse to death - literally :). When I decided to make a replacement, I wanted to do something different. So, I made my own fabric. It's easier than it sounds. And here was the result for my winter purse (see my summer purse at bottom).
To make your own horizontal striped fabric (with 3 stripes):
1. Take the height of the outer piece, add 2" and divide by 3 (ex: 7+2 = 9/3=3).
2. Take the width and add an inch (ex: 10+1 = 11).
3. Now cut 3 strips of fabric 3" high by 11" wide.
4. Arrange them the way you like and sew together on the long edges.
5. Press and topstitch on either side of the seam line (see the photo above).
6. Now cut the original dimension (7" by 10") out of your new piece of fabric (center the pattern piece so the stripes are evenly distributed).
I also decided to do away with the belt and belt loops since there was plenty of action goin' on. I liked it so much that I made my summer purse the same way only with 4 stripes (add another inch to the original width for additional seam allowance and divide by 4).

Or, of course you can do it any way you want -that's the beauty! This general idea will work on many different kinds of patterns. Just remember to consider seam allowances and, for purses, any bottom dimensions (for the bottom of the purse - add 1/2 of that dimension to the bottom stripe height). Have fun and Happy Sewing!

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Andrea - Faded Plains said...

How cute are those purses! So cool to have one for each season too.