Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Botanical Garden fun

This is a follow-on post to my previous post on the sculpture show at the North Carolina Botanical Garden. There are so many great sculptures on display, it is like an Easter egg hunt trying to find them all. (click on the photos to enlarge) Happy metal man greets all who come through the main entrance. The gates are some of my favorites.

"Silent Wings" was so fun to watch move in the breeze. Very peaceful. It was inspired by an owl who flew past the artist one day and never made a sound.

"Happy Gardeners" is a permanent fixture at the Garden. I can't help but smile when I go by.
And last, for this post anyway, is this cute puppy. There were several puppies, but I chose him. Wag :).
Art: "Going Around in Circles" by John E. Michael is the happy metal man. Unfortunately, I neglected to get the other names. Anyone out there know the ones I missed?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Come Out and Play! and look, and eat, and enjoy!!

For the last eight years, my neighbors and friends, Debbie Meyer and Eric Brantley, have held an art show starting the last Saturday in August and then every Saturday through the end of September (that's right, there is only one Saturday left!).
They, and their daughter Beckett (about the cutest 4 year old in the world),open up part of their 17-acre farm for "Come Out and Play" and very generously provide food and drinks to any and all who come (all for free!).

The Sweetbriar Studio tent is filled with my fabric and felt creations and my husband, Chuck's, wood works. My (84 years not-so-old) mother even joined in with her paintings recently. Here is a photo of Chuck's "Sunbursts" displayed on Debbie and Eric's home.
Their front yard is sprinkled with sculptures and art that goes all the way around their pond and into their back yard.
Everyone, really EVERY one, has a great time looking at art, socializing, eating, looking at more art, and maybe buying (:)).
What started as a sculpture show to honor the victims of 9/11 has grown into a rather large event that now includes other types of arts and crafts.

This is such a gift that Debbie and Eric (and Debbie's parents Ginger and Jim) graciously offer to the artists as well as all who attend. So, to them, Thank You (times infinity!). (If anyone wants more information, just contact me.)

Art: glass and metal sculpture/Teddy Devereux and Ken Maynor ,red sculpture/Ed White, mosaic planter legs/Pam Isner, Typewriter Totem/Brian Mergenthaler

Wednesday, September 16, 2009, studio, inspiration...Just Blog!

So many creative things to do, sooooo little time! And just when inspiration is the last thing I need, we went to the North Carolina Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill. It's such a great place to go. For two months in the fall, they feature sculptures from sculptors worldwide. Just to prove it, here is one of my very favorites called "Water, Wind and Fire" by Margarita Leon from Maracaibo, Venezuela. The 'elements' are prettily arranged in a pond full of lilies, frogs and tadpoles.
My husband and I had both cameras clicking while my mother kept saying, "oh, take one from this direction. Take this through the reeds...."

I'm a sucker for color and I love the creativeness of the cutouts and the add-ons.

More from the Garden later....