Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Botanical Garden fun

This is a follow-on post to my previous post on the sculpture show at the North Carolina Botanical Garden. There are so many great sculptures on display, it is like an Easter egg hunt trying to find them all. (click on the photos to enlarge) Happy metal man greets all who come through the main entrance. The gates are some of my favorites.

"Silent Wings" was so fun to watch move in the breeze. Very peaceful. It was inspired by an owl who flew past the artist one day and never made a sound.

"Happy Gardeners" is a permanent fixture at the Garden. I can't help but smile when I go by.
And last, for this post anyway, is this cute puppy. There were several puppies, but I chose him. Wag :).
Art: "Going Around in Circles" by John E. Michael is the happy metal man. Unfortunately, I neglected to get the other names. Anyone out there know the ones I missed?

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I love the puppy! when we go to smallholder shows there is generally someone there who carves things out of tree trunks with a chain saw. frightening to watch - but amazing results! A x