Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jelly Belly Button: revisited

I wrote about this piece last August as I described the felting process. But before I could take a good "The End" photo, I made the mistake of taking it up to my girlfriend's (for show-and-tell) and she convinced me that it had found its perfect home.
You see, she has a turquoise wall in her home that was the perfect compliment to my "Jelly Belly Button". And so it is.

[Why I didn't think to take a straight-on shot of it is a mystery (errr). Guess I'll just have to go back for a visit:).]

For those itty bitty fabric scraps...

One of my very favorite friends, and her very favorite man, just happened to mention that they were going to get married...that weekend! (They were flying to Vegas for a business conference.) You see, she didn't want any fanfare, no big deal made of it. Well, we showed her! Three of us took her out for a quickie shower :). You know, manicure, pedicure - all four of us lined up and chattering away. One brought flowers, one brought wine (do you know they didn't let us bring it into the salon - dang!), and one brought chocolate (of course). And I had a great time stitching up this card out of little bits and pieces of my can't-throw-the-minisculest-bit-away-fabric.
Two hearts. Intertwined. Just as it should be. Just as I hope they are for many, many, many years.