Thursday, December 15, 2011

Eight of Nana's tablecloths equals one great bathrobe!

One of my best girlfriends is a FABulous artist (with paint), so we decided to barter my sewing skills for her painting prowess.  Two years later (that's right!), I got started on a bathrobe made from a bunch of her favorite grandmom's vintage tablecloths. Stained and holey, these weren't so enjoyable on a table.  But repurposed into a robe?  Cha-ching!  Here is Happy Kim modeling her new robe...
So she gets to think of Nana and enjoy the cheery fabrics at the same time.  Note: This was Kim's idea; I just executed.
Now about that painting.... :).

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ho Ho Holidays! Lots of merry fabrics

I've just spent eons (ok, 2 days) photographing fabrics and listing them in my Etsy shop.  They're not just for the holidays, but I admit many of them have red in them :).  Here's a sampling:
These are just some of the new fabrics. And there are also upholstery, or Home Dec, weight fabrics like the one below...
 I think I've listed about 15 new fabrics including a heavy weight iron-on interfacing.  And there are more to come!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Purse Organizer Smiles, this time from Lindsay ...

Not to gloat, but I love getting photos and notes from those who have ventured to try one of my patterns.  This is also a DIY Kit (the other here) for a purse organizer.  Lindsay sent these photos - check this out:
 She even made her own "signature square" for it!
And just as an encouragement to all you new sewers, here is what Lindsay said:
"I just wanted to let you know that the purse organizer turned out wonderfully! I think this is the third thing I've sewn...ever, so it probably took me a bit longer than it would someone with a bit more experience, but even with running out of bobbin thread and getting my thread all caught up in the machine (only once though, I'm getting better), the total time was less than 4 hours. I cut out patterns from extra pieces of fabric and can't wait to make more of these! I think every female in my family will be getting one for Christmas. The only change I made was that once I was all finished, I ended up pulling out the stitching from one of the pockets to create one bigger and one regular size pocket on that side, purely personal preference (my cell phone cover makes it too big to fit in one of the regular size ones, without the cover it's fine). Thanks again for a great product!"
I'm beaming :).  And Lindsay, you should, too. You did a fantastic job!

Customer Smiles - they're the best!

I got a great note from Carol who bought a purse organizer DIY Kit.  She wasted no time sewing up a storm...I mean a purse organizer :).  Here is a photo she sent:
and here's what she had to say in her note: "Just thought I would share a few photos of the finished organizer ...

and the purse I made for it. I love the organizer! Thanks again!!"
Way to go Carol!

Friday, July 15, 2011

All DIY Purse Organizer Kits are on Sale!

Hey Everyone!  Just to let you know that I just put all of my DIY Kits on Sale.  
They are now 25% off of the original price.  That includes fabric (already cut), interfacing, and pattern.
That makes an easy project that much better!  
And purse organizers make a great gift...maybe get a head start on holiday gifts?  And, by the way, there are many more kits with different fabric at my shop.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Making It Yours series - Signature Square

I've never met a pattern or a project that I didn't want to change!  Whether sewing or knitting or just about anything else, I always seem to find something I want to change.  That's how I got started designing purses in the first place.  So I decided to write a series of posts about how you can do the same thing.  Yes, I want everyone to feel my pain!  Not really, it can be fun :).
This post, I'll show you how to put your signature on a purse.   My signature square is easy to do and adds a personalized touch.  I'll show you how I do it, but remember, you can change it!
First, cut 2 pieces of fabric, one from the lining fabric 2" x 4.25" and a second from the outer fabric 1.5" x 3.75".
Then fold each in half, right sides together, short ends touching.  Stitch down each long side close to the edge, about 1/4" in. Turn both pieces inside out and push the corners out to a point.  
Turn the unsewn edges in to make what looks to be a square.  I just eyeball it.  Pin the larger square if necessary.  
Take the smaller square and position under the sewing foot so that the needle will start at the logical starting point for your initial.  You can draw your initials first with a washable marker, but I just eyeball this, too.  If your sewing machine has a setting so that the needle stays down when stopped, engage this.  
Now start sewing!  I go pretty slowly, lifting the foot slightly and turning the square as needed.  This gets easier the more you do.  Once you finish both initials, pivot the square on the needle and go back over your stitch lines slightly weaving over them. When you get back to your original starting point, pivot and go over the initials for the third and last time.
To sew your squares on your purse, position the little square centered on top of the larger square. Then position both somewhere on one of the purse pieces where they will show and not be in the way of seams, etc.  Stitch just inside of the smaller square all the way around.
That's it! It's harder to explain (and read about) than it is to do it. As you can see, I don't try to achieve perfection.  That's part of the 'signature'.   Now there's no mistaking who made that beautiful purse you're carrying!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Hi-o Silver!

It was a bright and chilly day.... I was busily stitching away in the waiting room of the car service station when up rode a cute little gal with a white hat (well, actually that was her hair) packing her own heat (more on that later).  She saw that I was fighting off the frays and arrows of an organza shape with my trusty running stitch. Without much ado, she dropped a button hole stitch into my arsenal.  And, as she rode off into the sunset, I began using a loose version of that.  Wow!  My enemy was defeated! Thank you to that (not) masked woman whose name I never learned.