Friday, September 1, 2017

Save time and money with two purse patterns at once!

 Two purse pattern listing
© Christie Minchew - Purse Organizer and Inside Out Bag patterns
I don't know why this didn't dawn on me sooner, but I just packaged two purse patterns (well, technically an organizer and a tote) together in one listing at a 20% discount. You get the discount and the pdfs right away!
These are two of my most popular bags and it seemed like a happy couple - an organizer for your tote bag.  Just in case you're not familiar with my Inside Out Bag (the tote), it can be reversible or zippered, it has plenty of pockets but can always use the help of the organizer for that big inside space. PLUS, it comes in 2 sizes.
If you already have one of these patterns and would like to swap a different one in its place, just let me know or use one of my generic 20% or 30% off listings. With those listings, the only downside is you have to wait until I send them to you...but I'm pretty fast :).
Keep your eyes peeled for more of these packages.  And let me know if you have some good ideas on what to package together.
Happy Sewing!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Purse with Pizzazz

"Purse for Just a Few Things" sewn by Celia
What a beauty this is!  Celia made this for her daughter's wedding and used a gorgeous silk for the flap and the perfect tassle for the closure.  She also enlarged the size to 120% - great idea to customize it for what she needs to carry.
To find the pattern, visit my Etsy or Craftsy shops.
(To enlarge your pattern pieces, look for Resizing Options in your Print window. In my window, it is under "Effects" in the Print Preferences.)

Friday, February 26, 2016

Kind words and fun photos for the Inside Out Bag

What a treat to get fan mail...well, ok, it was just a very nice email from one of my oh-so-creative customers.  She wrote, "'s a great pattern.  I made my mom the larger version with Harry Potter fabric for her birthday and she loved it.

"I had to tell her I made it because she thought it was store-bought which is as much testament to your clear instructions as to my craftsmanship."  I can't tell you how wonderful that is to hear.  And photos are always a special surprise.  It's not only a "phew" moment (phew, she likes it!), but a "wow" moment, too (wow, look what she made with my pattern!).  Thank you, Sarah, for such a lovely gift :).

Talking about my purse patterns on YouTube...

Linda, of GottaBeHandmade, recently interviewed me for her series she's doing on makers of just about everything (as long as it's handmade!).  She kindly invited me to join her (on "Blab")and talk about how I got started making purses and looking at some of my sample bags. Linda is a delightful interviewer and I had great fun spending time with her. Thank you, Linda!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

She did it!!

 Linda, from GottaBeHandmade, swore she wasn't that great a seamstress...and then proceeded to sew one of my Intermediate Level patterns, A Place for Everything, in no time...and with extras she added!
She did a beautiful job and there are pockets galore - she added more!  Way to go, Linda!  Check out her Twitter feed - it's packed with handmade goodies :).

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Great Purse Organizer collaboration!

Sabina is a self-proclaimed "beginner at sewing", but this looks more like a professional!  She's taken my Purse Organizer pattern, added loops, and reconfigured the pockets.  Great job, Sabina! 

(You can find my purse organizer pattern on Etsy or Craftsy.)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

FABulous Hat!

Debbie made a totally fabulous hat with my Headhugger pattern. Her colors are gorgeous and the embellishment, her own design, adds the perfect sparkle.  She also sells her creations here
I always love to see what you all do with your creativeness.  So much fun!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Karen LaPage Sews Knits So Great!

Organic Cotton Interlock fabrics from

Karen LePage, co-author of Sewing for Boys and founder of Gentle Clothing, just posted "Essential Techniques for Knit Clothing".  It's a fabulous tutorial on for those of us who don't work with knits often...but want to.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What are you making?

photo by Suebee's World 2014
Here's a two-fer: a photo of what Sue did with my Purse Organizer pattern AND a link to her blog "Suebee's World".  It's a great blog  with a LOT of info and great pics.  Go check it out.
But I should have said, here's a three-fer because here is a photo from Christi, too.
Thanks for sending in your photos.  It is a lot of fun to see what happened after my pattern goes out into the world :).

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Organizer Fun

It's always a great surprise to get photos of the latest creations from one of my patterns.  It's fun to see what fabric people pick, what touches they add ...and how they fill it up :).  So, thank you to Barbara who sent these photos of her first organizer. 
Great fabric and she even added a 'signature square'!