Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome to my studio :)

I love seeing where people work, play and live. And here is where I do all three - at least part of the time. My studio is upstairs in our house. There's nothing else up here - just my studio. It doesn't take up the whole top floor, but it is huge compared to what I was used to. As I come up the stairs, this is what I first see. I have different things throughout the studio that make me smile, inspire me or call to me. I'm sure if some scientist hooked up a bunch of electrodes to my head, they would see my brain do flip-flops everytime I come up here. Jake, our Border Collie mix, comes up here to help me. Unfortunately, that includes getting into my wool roving. Maybe the smell of sheep is still deep within and he can't help himself :). That crazy thing to the left of my bookself is just that. A crazy thing. I made it years ago of chicken wire, lattice backing, and a whole lot of ribbon and plastic what-nots. Over the years, it's become somewhat of a bulletin board to tuck memorabilia into.
And here is the nook where my sewing table is. With windows that look out onto our woods and everything at my fingertips, it makes "coming to work" a pleasure. Well, actually, my whole studio does. I love it.


lori vliegen said...

yowza....what a super great space you have!! lots of fabulous creativity goin' on in there....!! :))


Wow! wish I had as much space to work in as you!

shibori girl said...

Hey Christie,

I LOVE your creative space!!! Wowzah... great wall color, and so much room. No wonder you make such wonderful stuff. :)



Susan Williamson said...

What a fabulous space! No wonder you're so fresh and creative. Working in a beautiful space is always inspiring.

Move With Me said...

This is such an awesome studio.. love it, and thanks for sharing, id show you mine but my space is my coffee table.. though this will change in the future i'm wishing for a whole room, or at least half a room with a