Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just another Schitzo Monday

It's working! My new anti-Spinning-Top-Syndrome is going very well so far. Yesterday was a "Schitzo" Monday where I devoted the morning and part of the afternoon to designing a new purse.
My sister is my 'inspiration', though I've made a couple of these before (see bottom photos). She needed a small purse that she could wear around her neck when she's at work to carry her cell phone. I made her a "Pendant Pocket Purse" from a pattern designed by DJ Bennet. My sister has since been encouraging me to make more of my own design.
Yesterday, I started my design process with brainstorming. I go through several of my idea-folders and pick out ideas that I might incorporate. But before I get too far, anyone out there have ideas of what you would want in this type of purse? Would you use a small purse around your neck (like a medicine bag/amulet) or on your shoulder to carry just one or two things like a cell phone and a lipstick? What would you want to carry in it? (I'm trying to get a idea of size.) And any other wanna-haves that you can think of? I'd love to hear what you're thinking so I can make something useful as well as fun and hopefully artsy.
These I made a couple of years ago. The purse is in two parts: the outer sleeve (with the print) and the inner pocket (black). The outer sleeve slides up the cord to reveal the opening of the pocket. Put a few things in the pocket and slide the outer sleeve back down to keep it all secure and out of sight.


shiborigirl said...

Hey Christie,

These little bags are super SWEET! I love the idea of the outer sleeve lifting up.. pretty sexy.;)

I think a small zipper section, or something separate inside and secure for car and house keys, and a drivers license would be a good addition. But, that's just me...



BTW, glad the Spinning Top thing is getting under control...

lori vliegen said...

ooooh, christie, these bags are SO cute! i like kate's suggestion....i always seem to need a place for my keys and all the other junk that i have myself convinced that i can't live without. and....thanks for clearing up the STS thing....i didn't know that there was actually a name for it (i think i've been suffering from it for years!). :)

SweetbriarStudio (Christie) said...

Thanks for the feedback! What if the sleeve was pretty snug - would you still want/need a zipper? I don't think keys would fall out, but I'll do a "test" on the mock-up that I have.