Friday, June 12, 2009

Right, Left, Schitzo or Chinese?

I don't like writing self-indulgent posts, but I have a confession to make. I suffer from STS (Spinning Top Syndrome). You might be familiar with my symptoms. I set off to be creative and... Oops!, I've got an email to open.... Now I need to go check the calendar downstairs but Wait!, I should put a load of laundry in first, and Drat! I need to put laundry detergent on the shopping list.... Hey!, look at that article in the paper - better read that.... Oh gosh!, I've got to get out there and walk the dog while it's cool. Eesh, time for a shower.... Wow!, lunch already?
So, yesterday, I listed allllll the things I want to, or have to, do. I lumped like wanna-dos and hafta-dos together, organized them into a schedule and, the result? Right-brain Day, Left-Brain Day, Schitzo Day, and Chinese Menu Day. (I love it when a plan comes together!)Right-Brain Day is all about designing, experimenting and learning new techniques. Left-Brain Day, while not completely left, is when I sew or complete other projects that I've already designed, post new creations, blog, and do "back-studio" (my version of back office). Schitzo-Day, of course, is a morning of Right and an afternoon of Left (or visa versa). And Chinese Menu Day is where I get to pick one from Right and one from Left get the idea. And, since I am also Ding Addicted, e-mail has been relegated to strict times of the day and NO MORE! Otherwise, everytime my email dings, I will to rush over to see who loves me, for pete's sake.
I'm pleased to report that the new plan is working very well (it's been a day and a half :) ).


rochambeau said...

Oh Yes Christine, I fear I've got the Spinning Top Syndrome. Do you have any pills for this malady?

SweetbriarStudio (Christie) said...

Sadly, no such luck :(. But I'm hoping this is the next best thing. I enjoy life more when I have a plan. Not a very artsy trait, but I'm stuck with it!

shiborigirl said...

Well, missy... aren't YOU organized!

GREAT solution to a pervasive problem. Alas, I, too, suffer from this malady. I usually allow chaos to reign supreme, but I may try your lists solution and see if that helps.