Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's my birthday and I'll farm if I want to...

Yes, that's right, it tis me birthday! And what a great one it's been so far. Among the ways I celebrated was to go visit my friend, Trudy, at her farm in Chapel Hill, NC ( I was hoping to score some fresh veggies, but I was too late for the last batch and too early for the next one. Ah, well, I had fun snapping a few shots and catching up with her in between her chores. Meet Molly, the miniature donkey. She just came by to see what I was going to feed her. Sadly, I disappointed her. Her best friend Patches, the miniature horse (both of them rescued), is out of sight of the camera, but not out of Molly's sight. They stick pretty close.

I love the guinea hens. I need to steal a few to clean up the ticks and fleas on our trail. Is that not a knock-out set of feathers on her? And they're good 'watch dogs', too! Then there is Tuilly who just showed up one day at the farm and never left. She knows a good thing when she finds it. One of the chickens is taking her job of getting insects very seriously.
I love her coloring as well and am trying to figure out how to capture her and the guinea hens in felt.

And, last, is the red clover (definitely click this one for to enlarge). Too pretty to qualify as a weed. What a fun birthday field trip. It's great to have friends to share a birthday with and doubly fun when they live on such an entertaining spread!


shiborigirl said...

Happy Birthday!! What a great way to spend the day.

Funny, we've been thinking about getting some chickens now that CH has relaxed the livestock regulations.

Have a wonderful and special day,



Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

Happy birthday, fellow June birthday girl! Enjoy celebrating!

julie king said...

you have a farm and animals?! i am so envious!! loving your blog and seeing the life of a country girl. i was one once but for now am living in midwestern suburbia. i so long to get back to my roots!

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

If you ask me...that's the best way to spend your birhtday...with the ones you love. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Fun site Christie! Enjoy, you have the rest of the month. Good pics of Trude's farm. You are an inspiration!

Linda of Frosty

lori vliegen said...

happy birthday!!! i'm a little late with my best wishes, but hey, we're old enough to celebrate every day, right?! your day on the farm looks like it was perfect! :)

rochambeau said...

Happy late Birthday Christie!

Sound like your day was filled with adventure. It's nice you and Trudy could get together. She must be a special woman, to have rescued those animals.

Hope all your dreams come true this year!


Isabel said...

Happy Birthday Christie! And thank you for your words. My comment about your purses is WELL DESERVED!