Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scrapel Hill in Chapel Hill (North Carolina)

Tomorrow is the kick-off of the "Scrapel Hill" event cooked up by the town of Chapel Hill, NC. It is a competition with the objective of creating art out of scrap. There are 16 artists competing and the exhibit of their entries lasts for about a month at University Mall in Chapel Hill.

Ginger and Paul Bauer have worked (and played) for months getting ready. And if you study the photos (single click to enlarge), you'll see why. Their version of a grandfather clock has a zillion pieces (well, almost) ranging from springs to chains to gears to sawblades...and one very old rotisserie motor, all put together with a lot of thought to make a working clock.

If you live in the area, try to get by the mall and check out Scrapel Hill. You can cast your vote ($1/vote) for whichever artist you like best.

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