Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ta Daaaaa!

Well, here is the last project I worked on in my "Memory Cloth" class with Peg Gignoux. During the six weeks, we had played with different techniques including stamping on fabric, sewing pieces together, then cutting those and reassembling in a different way, embellishing...and a bunch of other stuff.

The last class, we made a book (our final technique to play with). I was ambivalent. But, of course, after mine was finished, I loved making a book. I want to do more! So many fun things to do, so little time....

On some of the inside pages I sewed other pieces of paper to the plain paper pages. It made a neat treatment for both sides.

Most all of the paper that I added (that has color, etc), was from something I had done years ago and still had. I chopped it to pieces and loved adding it to the book. And so, here is my very own memory of the class and the wonderful women that were a part of it. Beam :)!

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shibori girl said...

Whoot! Great job on the book! LOVE the cover and the binding you did.