Monday, April 6, 2009

Tips for Stitchin'

Since making life easier is always a nice thing, here are 3 things that make my sewing a little more fun:

Tip #1: When I think I'm going to be using pattern pieces over again, I cut them out in inexpensive fabric first and use the fabric pieces for cutting the real thing. The fabric pattern tends to cling to the 'final' fabric, so I don't have to use pins.

Tip #2: Reinforce pockets at the "top". Just a few back-and-forth stitches at the corners and top of 'divider stitching' will make pockets sturdier. While this one doesn't exactly fall under the 'fun' category, it does fall under 'pain avoidance' of not having to repair ripping pockets.

Tip #3: Turn the music on! Especially when doing tasks that are...well...tasks and not the fun stuff. When ironing on interfacing or ripping out seams, I find that a spoon full of music helps the boring stuff go down (to paraphrase a famous seamstress :). I use BB King, Delbert McClinton and Steve Ray Vaughn to get me going and Jose Feliciano and Diana Krall to calm me down (usually when ripping out that seam - arrgh!) name a few.

I hope one or more of these gives you a few more Ahhhh moments in your day :).

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