Friday, February 27, 2009

Fun with Fiber

Yesterday was a very fun, creative day in the studio and kitchen. And it didn't involve sewing or cooking :). The kitchen part is the last step of the felting process and this (at left) is the result. It is
inspired by a painting I saw. I love the colors - deep salmon, raspberry, butterscotch, buttery yellow, soft olive green and a shot of citrusy green on a sourdough white background. (really, I wasn't cooking!) And, if all goes as planned, this is the first of a series of four. It is roughly 17" x 17". I first thought these could be used as placemats, but now I have ideas of using them as seat covers for chairs, as pillows, or in a wall arrangement.
The background is wool from Corriedale sheep, and the stripes are of dyed Merino wool. One of these days, I plan to put together some photos or a video showing the wet-felting of these days.

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