Monday, February 23, 2009

Fearrington Folk Art Show

"Be'th Good
Be'th Bad
Just'th Be'th"
C Hub

What do bottle caps, tar paper, wrenches, tires, plywood and paint (lots and lots of it) have in common? Folk Art!

Two girlfriends, Kim and Lindsay, came down from Richmond to see the Fearrington Folk Art Show this past Saturday. Soooo much to see.

One of my favorite artists is Theresa Isbell Gloster (shown at left) whose art depicts her childhood growing up with 12 other kids in her grandparents' house. You can see more of her art by 'googling' her name. And she can be reached at 828.757.3992 or .

Out in the parking lot, there was still more art...on (and I do mean "on") the cars, trucks and vans of the artists at the show. I seem to be blog-photo challenged right now, so I won't include the other photos I have. But suffice to say, it was very entertaining!


Joy said...

Those art cars are awesome! I especially like the pink one ;-) I wonder if they go to BurningMan with those ever...did they mention that?

Christie said...

No Burning Man mentions. There were some very fun...very crazily decorated vehicles. Very colorful (in more ways than one :)), very busy, very fun.