Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thank you, Seam Ripper Santa!

What an unexpected surprise to find this beautiful seam ripper in my stocking.
Our neighbor turns wood and makes many beautiful objects.
And he is generous, too!
It is made of four woods and is about 7" long.  It feels wonderful to touch and, because of the diameter of the handle, it should be more comfortable to use.
I may see about carrying them in my shop: stay tuned!  


lori vliegen said...

oooh, you've been a very good girl to have santa leave this in your stocking! how gorgeous! the handle looks nice and chunky, easy to hold (why do all the seam rippers in the stores have those weany plastic handles that are hard to hold?!). please let me know if you add these to your shop......there's nothing like having proper tools (and i think i use the seam ripper more than the sewing machine......). happiness to you in the new year, sweet girl! xox, :))

threadjoy said...

That is really beautiful! What a great idea. Who was it that made it? when I first saw it I thought maybe dad had made it.

Christie Minchew said...

It really IS a good idea. I've been using it and I really like it. Orlan, across the street, made it. I'm trying to get him to sell them online but haven't budged him.