Saturday, July 24, 2010

Geometry is my friend

The last class that I took from Peg Gignoux was called "Finding Your Personal Geometry" and here is the result: my first all-but-finished wall hanging. I had so much fun 'working' on it, too.  The only thing left to do is to put the finishing touches on the sides and back.  
The best part of this class was discovering that I absolutely loved the design process and the meditative cutting and arranging and hand-stitching.  I am newly encouraged to find my inner artist :). 

cotton, linen, taffeta, organza, silk, pearl rayon cording, multiple colors of thread


shiborigirl said...

OK! Now I see the piece and I understand your finishing quandary. What about using the same fabric that you used as strips in the body of the piece as a binding, but then randomly wrap some circles around the edge to continue the circle theme?

Just thinking "outloud" here...

Lunch was great. Let's not wait so long next time!



lori vliegen said...

wow.....yes, i'd say that you and geometry are good buddies.....this is fabulous!! i can see how all of those fun circles and yummy fabrics would get your creative juices flowing again! xox, :))
p.s. i'm privately envious that you and kate got to have lunch together.....i hope you shared a big fattening chocolate dessert!!! xo