Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Home" Stats

Recently, I published a post of Where In The World I had shipped my purses, organizers, hats, felted pieces and sewing patterns.  While I was at it, I figured out where 'at home' I had shipped.   So here are some little known (ok, totally unknown until now) fun least for me:
  • Sweetbriar Studio has shipped to 45 of the 50 states.
  • My birth state, Pennsylvania, has 27 of my creations.
Of the other states I've called "home"...
  • Colorado has 7.
  • Japan, well, I guess I haven't shipped there...yet!
  • Maryland has 12.
  • Virginia has 15.
  • California has 48 (yep, they're number One in the world so far).
  • and I've shipped 15 to good ol' North Carolina.
(Yes, my dad was in the US Navy which accounts for at least 4 of my moves.) So thanks to everyone out there, in my home states or not, who have been so great to me.  I appreciate you!

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