Sunday, January 17, 2010

In the fast lane!

I am a woman of few pins (and many words :)) and usually am willing to forego pins altogether if I think I can get away with it. In the case of my purse organizers, though, there are a few steps where pinning really is necessary and my patience is tested with the constant start/stop of the machine. (Yes, patience has never been my virtue.) The other day, it (finally) dawned on me that I could just put those pins in a little farther away from the outside edge and that would leave enough room for me to blow on by. I could almost feel my hair flapping in the wind as I sewed - ahhhhh!


shibori girl said...

Oh, I used to HATE to stop to pull pins out. I used to sew right over them, that is, until one day when the needle drove one straight down into my bobbin race assembly. After that (expensive) mishap, I was more careful.

I wish I'd thought to put them further in, like you there in that picture. Smart.



Linda said...

wow, what a concept! all these years, crunch.... crunch.... crunch....