Friday, August 14, 2009

Kinder, gentler...and faster!

After designing and making purse patterns and all those purses for about eight years, I finally hit on something that made life just a titch easier: fabric pattern pieces. Now, this is probably a yawner to some of you (especially if you don't sew :)), but it fairly well changed me into a kinder, gentler pattern cutter-outer. All I did was to find some material that I had gobs of and no immediate use for (natural denim from an attempt at slipcovering - eesh) and cut out all the pieces of one of my patterns. If I needed to "Cut 2" from a particular piece, I did so in the denim. I labeled them just in case I had amnesia someday and voila! Now I can lay out my pattern, no pins required, and ...
easily cut the pieces of fabric out. The fabric pattern sort of grips the other fabric so it stays in place while I'm cutting.
The other advantage is that the fabric pattern pieces might last longer than their paper sisters. This works great for purse patterns or a pattern you tend to use many times over. And, of course, you don't need denim for your pattern pieces. Just find the oldest scrap in your stash that isn't slippery, and that's probably a good candidate.
Now to find some trick for making me a kinder, gentler wife :)...!


Sven, Bobbi, Caitlin, Megan and Kayson said...

THIS IS GREAT!!! I had never thought of that! I too am in need of how to become a kinder, gentler wife (and mother)

lori vliegen said...

great solution!! don't you just love it when an easy solution to a boring task falls right into your lap?!! using fabric patterns is perfect....and i'm all for anything that will save me from using those dratted straight pins!

shibori girl said...

Hey Christie! What a super idea... I've been using pattern tracer for years, but I do find that it wears out, and I get so TIRED of pinning.

Sew on, Sistah!



Elisa said...

I just did this the other day! I had a bunch of leftover felt, so I cut pattern pieces for my cloth diapers and labeled them. I don't have to fold them perfectly anymore and don't have to use pins to cut things out!

SweetbriarStudio (Christie) said...

Elisa - fun that you did this, too! Great minds... :)